Don’t let George do it!! We can only achieve excellence with your help.

Become a volunteer – below you’ll find some of the Beta Phi Chapter committees and organizations looking for volunteers and/or new members. Your experience, time and energy are greatly valued.

The Beta Phi Board of Governors: This group of Alumni Brothers was created in 2003 to provide a means of broad based alumni oversight, control and supervision of the Chapter. Made up of alumni of various decades, it is alumni version of the undergraduate Executive Committee. The Chapter Consul will be the only undergraduate member of the Board of Governors.

The Sigma Chi Building Company: This is the House Corporation and will hold title to the future Beta Phi Leadership Center. It is responsible for the operation and management of the facility.

The Beta Phi Educational Foundation: The Sigma Chi Foundation was created in 2003 to financially support educational facilities, education programming, scholarships, tutoring and educational enrichment. The Beta Phi Educational Foundation is a 501(3) (c) non-profit corporation. It’s Board of Directors administers the various Foundation programs.

The Beta Phi Facilities Planning and Management Committee: This Committee was formed in 2005 to plan for the future Beta Phi Leadership Center and the northeast corner of First and Vine and will be responsible for advising the Sigma Chi Building Company (House Corporation) on the management, maintenance and operation of the facility.

The Beta Phi Historical Society: Formed in 2003, this group is made up of Beta Phi alumni will the sole purpose of preserving, protecting, cataloging, and soliciting Beta Phi Chapter memorabilia for display in the Chapter facility.

The Beta Phi Hall of Honor Committee: This group administers the Beta Phi Hall of Honor including nominations, selections and the annual Beta Phi Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony. Created in 2003, the Beta Phi Hall of Honor recognizes Significant Beta Phi chapter members.

The Beta Phi Board of Advisors (Coming Soon): This Board is composed of the various Chapter Advisors for the undergraduate Chapter. To share the load and provide enhanced input and talent, the Beta Phi Board of Advisors was created to provide individual program Alumni Advisors for specific undergraduate committees and programs including Academic Advisor, Executive Committee Advisor, Social Advisor, Pledge Education Advisor, Programming Advisor, Member Recruitment Advisor and others.

The Beta Phi Alumni Judicial Review Board (Coming Soon): This group is made up of Sigma Chi alumni who are charged with reviewing recommendations for non-monetary judicial punishment matters recommended by the Executive Committee and the Judicial Review Board of the Undergraduate Chapter.

The Beta Phi Mentors Committee (Coming Soon): This group is made up of Sigma Chi alumni who desire to participate in programs to mentor and support individual members in their particular area of career interest. Alumni members participating will be matched with an undergraduate member interested in the alumni member’s career field.

The Beta Phi Parents Group (Coming Soon): Membership is made up of parents of Beta Phi active and pledge class members. It was created to support and promote the interests of their children and provide a mechanism for communication between parents and alumni on mutual issues of interest. The Parents Group will have its own website within the Chapter Website and members will be able to review items of interest including pledge training materials, calendar of events, alumni and university contacts, and allow a parent to know what’s going on, when, and how to voice their comments and concerns.