The Beta Phi Historical Society

“Preserving the rich history of the Beta Phi Chapter”

History: The Beta Phi Historical Society was formed in 2003. It’s membership consists of Sigma Chi Alumni and the Historian for the undergraduate chapter.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Beta Phi Historical Society is to preserve, protect and promote the rich history of the Beta Phi Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Its members will be the caretakers of our memories in the decades to come.

Activities: The Beta Phi Historical Society will assemble, catalogue, inventory and display Beta Phi memorabilia from 1921 to present day. All memorabilia will be under the control of this committee. A computerized catalogue of all items will be available online in the future.

We request all Beta Phi Brothers and their spouses and/or beneficiaries that when it comes time to clean up the house, the garage, and in the passing of a brother to the Chapter Eternal: Please send any and all Sigma Chi materials and keepsakes to the Society. This includes pictures, Sahuaro Sigs, trophies, certificates, etc.

We may all eventually pass to the Chapter Eternal, but in our memories we will live on at the Beta Phi Chapter forever.
Contact for questions or donations:

Philip “Flip” May, Beta Phi ’80
Beta Phi Historical Society
201 N. Central Ave., Suite 2210
Phoenix, AZ 85004