The Significant Sig Award

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The Significant Sig Award is one of the Fraternity’s highest honors. It recognizes “those alumni members whose achievements in their fields of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to the name of Sigma Chi.” The Sigma Chi Fraternity has recognized more than 800 brothers since the award’s inception at the 1935 Grand Chapter. Alumni in any profession, occupation, or service work are eligible for consideration.

Each Significant Sig receives a personalized medal, certificate, and lapel pin.

The Significant Sig Award Nomination Form

Significant Sigs from the Beta Phi Chapter

Chris Ackerley Beta Phi 1991
Dr. Robert Andrews Beta Phi 1950

Donald E. Breckenridge Beta Phi 1953

Donald C. Buckely Beta Phi 1978

Reuben Carrazna Beta Phi 1991
Richard Carranza Beta Phi 1991 
Earl H. Carroll Beta Phi 1948

Dan Collins Beta Phi 1980
Leo Corbet Beta Phi 1959

Peter J. Corpstein Beta Phi 1952

James E. Durbin Beta Phi 1947

Lloyd E. Eisele Beta Phi 1961

Bob Ellis Beta Phi 1984
Rick Fried Beta Phi, 1963

Barry M. Goldwater Beta Phi 1962

George Gregson Beta Phi 1924

Luther S. Helms Beta Phi 1966

J. Michael Hennigan Beta Phi 1966

Marvin D. Johnson Beta Phi 1950

David M. Jones Beta Phi 1936

Burton Kinerk Beta Phi 1957

Edwin C. Lynch Beta Phi 1957

Michael S. Manson Beta Phi 1981

S. Jack McDuff Beta Phi 1951

Brent Menke Beta Phi 1988
Lewis C. Murphy Beta Phi 1955

John R. Norton Beta Phi 1950

Jerry M. Patterson Beta Phi 1956

Lisle Payne Beta Phi 1964
Frank Sancet Beta Phi 1931
Steven Schuyler Beta Phi 1979

Morris K. Udall Beta Phi 1949

Terrence Valeski Beta Phi 1968

Rufus VonKleinsmid Beta Phi 1925

Gordon R. Willey Beta Phi 1935

Total Beta Phi Significant Sigs: 28

“They have brought honor and distinction to the Beta Phi Chapter”