November 2019 Newsletter

SIGMA CHI LEADERS Kevin Stombaugh has been honored with the Marvin D. "Swede" Johnson Award for volunteer s

October 2019 Newsletter

MEMBER NEWS Judge Stephen M. McNamee, Beta Phi '69, receives UA Law School Alumni Lifetime Achievement Awar

September 2019 Newsletter

COMMUNITY SERVICE Dear Beta Phi Alumni, This year, I have been lucky enough to work as a Student & Com

August 2019 Newsletter

THE ARIZONA SIG Brothers, Please join me in either Phoenix or Tucson for a no host Sigma Chi Happy Hour

July 2019 Newsletter

SIGMA CHI INTERNATIONAL FRATERNITY Beta Phi's Steve Schuyler was elected Sigma Chi's grand consul at Salt L

June 2019 Newsletter

SIGMA CHI LEADERS Read the latest edition of the Sigma Chi Fraternity Alumni Chapter Leaders’ News

April 2019 Newsletter

SIGNIFICANT SIG Greg Hansen: Burt Kinerk finally getting his long-deserved day in the spotlight.Read Arizon

February 2019 News

CALENDAR OF EVENTS Registration for Grand Chapter 2019 in Salt Lake this June is now open.Details and reg

November 2018 Newsletter

COMMUNITY SERVICE 11/8/18 from Ryan Gagliano:Brothers, This last week the University of Arizona has com

July 2018 Newsletter

RUSH The Realities of Rush 2018(please click on the link to access the document)Written by Joe Beers - Beta P

June 2018 Newsletter

MEMBER NEWS Next Lawyer Up with Ron Sykstus featuring Joel Robbins

March 2018 Newsletter

BETA PHI NEWS Richard A. Carranza, second from right, strode into a news conference where his appointment

January 2018 Newsletter

HALL OF HONOR Hall of Honor Inductions Now Every 3 YearsBy Joe BeersGrand Trustee.Nominating Committee Member

December 2017 Newsletter

CHAPTER ETERNAL Brother Peter J. Corpstein, Beta Phi 1952, Significant Sig, Hall of Honor member, Arizona e

November 2017 Newsletter

SIGNIFICANT SIG Gabel, ’84, Named Co-Mentor of Year The following article is from the Phoenix Business

October 2017 Newsletter

CALENDAR OF EVENTS There will be a Homecoming open house celebration at the Sigma Chi house involving light f

Fall 2017 Newsletter

CHAPTER ETERNAL A Memorial Service for Bob Svob is scheduled for Saturday, September 23rd at 10:00 am at St.

Summer 2017 Newsletter

SIGMA CHI LEADERSHIP Congratulations to Steve Schuyler and Joe Beers for their selections to two important po

Spring 2017 Newsletter

BETA PHI CONSUL Brothers, I just wanted to provide a short update about the chapter. We finished 2016 with a