December 2016 Holiday Greeting


We are pleased to  welcome the new Beta Phi Hall of Honor members who were inducted Oct. 28 at the Westward Look Resort. The new members are Reuben Carranza ' 90, Chuck Colton ' 69, Michael Manson ' 82, Channing S. Morse ' 70 (posthumously), William R. Reilly ' 58, and Doug Tilford ' 89. They were selected based on their impressive career leadership skills, their significant commitment to philanthropic activities and their engagement with Sigma Chi.

Beta Phi Hall of Honor Dinner Event:

Following the successful Hall of Honor Induction ceremony under the leadership of Joe Beers ' 83 the new members and their spouses joined the Beta Phi alumni and their guests in a homecoming cocktail and dinner celebration. Many thanks to Larry Hecker ' 69, who performed the master of ceremonies role and to Kevin Stombaugh ' '91, president of the Beta Phi Education Foundation, who described the foundation's new scholarship program, the mentoring activities and the undergraduate participation in the Balfour Leadership Workshop. Stombaugh introduced Brian Kewin ' 17, the Beta consul this past fall, who reviewed the recent academic success (3.10 GPA) that the chapter had achieved as well as their receipt of the Dean of Students Excellence Award and the Peterson Award by the National Chapter. Following these presentations, Brad Day  '70 led the audience in the "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" serenade finale. which concluded the wonderful dinner program.


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Phoenix Hall of Honor Luncheon Programs
On Oct. 6th Beta Phi alumni in Phoenix participated in a Hall of Honor luncheon at the Phoenix Country Club that featured University of Arizona Athletic Director Greg Byrne as the featured speaker. Byrne, who was introduced by Burt Kinerk ' 57, made an excellent presentation and participated in a very lively question and answer dialogue with the audience. As part of the program the late Beta Phi Eddie Lynch, who had a very successful career in professional sports and was an enthusiastic supporter of the University of Arizona athletic program, was honored. 
The Hall of Honor luncheon on May 18 featured University of Arizona assistant basketball coach  Emanuel "Book" Richardson, who is the key recruiter for the Wildcats. His presentation was well-received by alumni as well. Many thanks to Ed Reading ' 83 for playing the master of ceremonies in these programs and to Joe Beers, John Felix, Barry Gabel, Paul Muscenti, and Jon Underwood for serving on the luncheon Executive Committee.

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