Phil Rees '65 Enters Chapter Eternal


Born Dec. 5th 1941, entered the Eternal Chapter July 15, 2121

Brother Rees was inducted to the “Beta Phi Hall of Honor” in 2019.

After graduating from the U of A as a Second Lieutenant in the Air force, he became a navigator and pilot of many different planes, ending with over 600 hours flying a B-52. He flew 410 missions in Viet Nam, received 14 medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross. He became a Pilot instructor with over 1000 hours of instruction.  In a “Covert Operation” he was in charge of developing, supervising and training the entire Cambodian Air Force.  He ended his Air Force career as Command Control Chief of the 15th Air Force at March Air Force Base.  After 21 years he Retired as a Lt. Col. and went into Education.

1995 he started Teaching in Hemet, CA.  Rees developed an alternative school for expelled students, coached basketball, and started a church.  Then he and Eva, his wife, moved to the North Shore of Alaska where they both taught school.  He eventually became the Principal and was named Principal of the year in Northern Alaska and later became principal of all the Pacific Rim Schools.  He trained and Raced a Dog Sled Team.  Got invited to be on a Whaling Crew with the Native Eskimos.

Brother Rees ended his working career becoming the Pastor of Adult Ministries at Change Point Church the Largest Church in Alaska.  RIP Phil you had a full life.