Volunteer For Beta Phi

Volunteers are the key to Beta Phi’s long-term success. There are many ways you can help provide some support.

Assistant Grand Praetor

The Assistant Grand Praetor will help support Grand Praetor, Joe Beers with Province needs.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides advice to our undergraduates in the areas of chapter operations. Our goal is to have one volunteer over each officer and key committee chair positions like Member Education (pledge and member educational programming), Recruitment (providing advice to the Recruitment Chairs), SCLI/Foundational Leadership Mentor (this is an alum trained to help with Ritual for Life (R4L) that new pledges will go through after Preparation for Brotherhood (P4B)) and any area an alumni is willing to share his expertise. This is by far the most important area of support needed and it is also the most rewarding. You will build lifetime friendships with undergraduates you help advise.

Responsibilities are:
-   Weekly to bi-weekly phone, virtual or in-person conversation with your assigned officer or chair (15-30 minutes).
-   Monthly virtual or in-person meeting with the other Advisory Board members (30-45 minutes).
-   Semester goal setting with your assigned officer or chair (1-2 hours).
-   Annual retreat with officers, chairs, and other volunteers either in-person or virtually (2-3 hours).

Educational Foundation Board

The Educational Foundation Board oversees alumni & parent relations, career preparation & networking, leadership development, other educational programming, and scholarships for the chapter.  We ask that an alumnus serve as our President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Alumni & Parent Relations Chair, Career Chair/Co-Chairs, Leadership Development/Other Educational Programming Chair/Co-Chairs, and Scholarship Chair/Co-Chairs.

-   Quarterly board meeting that is usually virtual (1 hour per quarter).
-   As needed focus on your committee (1-2 hours per month).

Housing Corporation Board

The Housing Corporation Board oversees the property management of our Chapter House. We ask that an alumnus serve as our President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Kitchen Manager, Property Manager, Investment Committee Chair/Co-Chair, and Legal Chair/Co-Chair.

Responsibilities are:
-   Quarterly board meeting with the annual meeting at Homecoming in-person and the other meetings held virtually (2-3 hours per quarter).
-   As needed focus on your committee (1-2 hours per month).

Career Conversations/Networking

Our goal is to create a career network that benefits all alumni and undergraduates. At the local Beta Phi level, we are looking for alumni willing to participate in one or more of the ways below:

-   Speak on an in-person or virtual career panel with other alumni speakers (our goal is to have 2-3 alumni speak to the undergraduates during September, October, November, February, March, & April); this will be open to alumni and undergraduates
-   Speak on career specific small-group career panel with undergraduates interested in your career field (undergraduates will be placed into career groups and then we will work around alumni panelists schedules)
-   1 to 1 career discussion with an undergraduate or another alumnus interested in your career field at Beta Phi or other Sigma Chi chapters in the state


We are looking for alumni that are willing to support our recruitment program through the following ways:

-   Send in recruitment recommendations
-   Join other alumni at a day or two of recruitment

Click on the volunteer button below and let us know how you are willing to make a difference for the chapter.